Medicare Supplement Plans

What is a Medicare Supplement?

You may hear the terms Medigap or Medicare supplement often wehn you are eligible for medicare. Medicare doesn't cover all of your care and in fact it only covers 80% of your beenfits. There are deductibles and out of pocket expenses that you need to meet with your Medicare plan. That's why getting a Medigap or Medicare Supplement plan is needed to help you offset some of these expenses. You can choose which type of supplement or risk you are willing to accept. Each Medicare Supplement has a letter that represents that type plan. Each plan is standard for instance Plan F or PLan G are the most popular plans. The only difference between getting plan F from carrier A versus Carrier B is the rate.

What Does A Supplement Cost?

Choosing a Medicare Supplement when you turn 65 or first eleigble for medicare after you turn 65 is the most crutial time. This period is called a guaranteed acceptance period. You cannot be denied benefits and if you have some health issues you may not qualify any other time. You cannot have a higher rate due to your condition now.Medicare Supplemnts don't apply to open enrollment periods yearly like Medicare Advanatge Plans where you dont need to answer any health related questions. So, How much does a Medicare Supplement Cost? There are wide ranges depending on a few things.Plan Type, Age, Gender, Zip Code are the most common. For a 65 Year old Woman in Zip Code 30066 for Planf G you can expect to pay around $120 per month. This is just an estimate and can change and does not Include a Prescription Drug PLan

Do Medicare Supplement Rates Increase

Yes! Medicare Supplements increase yearly however it's a low increase. It will not increase due to how many claims you have made against you plan. You also cannot be cancelled from your Medicare Supplement.One of the popular reasons people choose a supplement is because there is no network. This means as long as your doctor accepts Original Medicare then they will accept your medicare supplement plan. If you like to plan and have one set monthly amount no matter what sickness comes knocking at your door then a medicare supplement will give you peace of mind for all your coverages